NuLife Furniture is part of Cadwyn Housing Association, so our background is firmly in social housing and supported accommodation.  This project was set up as a response to the amount of people who were being housed without any furniture. We started small by taking donations from the public and moving beds, cookers and fridges between properties in the back of our cars, so that the tenants we were working with could have the best possible start in their new homes.

Over time NuLife has grown thanks to big ambitions, and generous funding from Big Lottery, Comic Relief, Cardiff Council and Cadwyn Housing Association.

Through all the changes and growth we still pride ourselves most on two things, giving our volunteers a meaningful and life changing place to work and furnishing homes affordably for the people who need it most.

Affordable furniture

We take furniture and white goods that still have a useful life, give them some tender loving care, and sell them for extremely affordable prices. This means that our customers have access to affordable second hand furniture and white goods, so they can make their homes comfortable without having to get into unmanageable credit agreements.

Reducing waste

This planet is our home and we want to reduce waste so that it can be in good shape when we pass it on to future generations. All our activity is aimed at reducing waste and our impact on the environment. Not only do we divert many tonnes of furniture from landfill, by promoting reuse and recycling we are reducing the incessant demand on the earth’s resources.


Our service depends on our volunteers. Upcycling and recycling furniture presents a range of volunteering and training opportunities including:

  • Supporting repairs in our workshop
  • Delivering and collecting items in the local area with our driver.
  • Sales and administration