Benefits of Donating furniture

It’s Free!

We offer to collect for free from Cardiff, so it’s a great opportunity to declutter and create new space in your home.

You’ll be helping our volunteers back into work!

We refurbish furniture, so you’ll be supporting a project of volunteers who’ll learn new skill, gain confidence, and get support in finding work. Those out of work and struggling, and in need of more support can be taught carpentry and a whole range of life skills like team work in our workshop and on shop floor.

Help those who rely on our furniture!

A new shelter report has made the shocking claim that more than a third of parents they’d talked to had to share a bed with their children. Often furniture poverty is low on the list of priorities after housing people, but beds and white goods that could just be talking up space in your home, can help transform somebody’s life. Nu-life want to make sure no one goes without the essentials.

Save the Planet!

Why fill up landfill and damage the environment when your furniture can be reused and recycled, and upcycled! We save on waste by not just refurbishing old furniture but turning recycled materials into brand new handmade boutique furniture.

Fight poverty!

We know that for many people today debt is spiralling, and bills are soaring, so we work with council and various Charites to make sure people get the essentials at a cheap of cost as possible. We’re not here to turn a profit but to turn houses into homes with the furniture they need!

So give us a call today so we can book in a time for us to collect your unwanted furniture.

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