The creation of the NU Life Furniture brand

First off to introduce myself i’m Gareth -The Web Officer & Graphic Designer at Cadwyn – and I have been working closely with the team to create the ‘brand’ logo and website for the exciting venture of Nu Life Furniture.

With the branding and logo of NU Life Furniture we wanted to really capture and display what the company stands for – expressing what the company does in a visual way.

After initial discussions we wanted to have something that evoked the themes of fabrication & repair with a ‘retro’ but clean, solid look. I went away and sketched up some of the ideas generated and we picked up and combined elements of these to start creating the logo and define the brand.


By drawing the ’N’ as if it was made out of wood and the ‘U’ as if it was metal it gives a good feel of the tactile elements of material and construction –  and showcases some of the facets of the work that goes on in NU Life construction.


The fonts, layout of the text and banner add the ‘old timey’ feel of an established  classic company in a similar style to the Jack Daniels logo as an example.


<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2917" src=" have a peek at this site.png” alt=”9685ae64-181e-4298-893e-de7d8ab20e1a” width=”227″ height=”300″ />

These combined ‘retro’ and ‘modern’ visual elements help represent the classic values of the company and a nod to creating new from old as we up-cycle and re use furniture. The clean sharpness of the logo also showcases the professional and ecological way NU Life Furniture works.


We hope the finished design and branding express to the viewer what NU Life Furniture is all about – an exciting fresh and reliable company bringing the old and the new together all in an ecological way.


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